The American 180 M-1

The long-awaited American 180 semi-automatic rifle will soon be ready for delivery. This model will fire the .22 caliber long rifle round, and will have a 177-round drum magazine. The semi-automatic rifle will sell for $395 for orders placed prior to January l, 1981. Each order must have a $200 deposit to reterve a production model. The $200 deposit is non-refundable, except for failure to deliver.

After January 1, 1981, the price of the American 180 M-1 rifle will increase to $495. The procedures for ordering are the same after January 1, 1981.

We have received a tremendous volume of mail asking when a semi-automatic version of the American 180 will be introduced. We are in the process of tooling for line production of the semi-automatic.

We have accumulated several firm orders for this rifle, and will honor those orders first. The next priority will go to firm orders received prior to January 1, 1981. Direct orders with deposit will be filled in the order of arrival.

Regular inventory will be available as soon as possible after advance orders are filled. Orders should be placed as soon as possible to ensure receiving a production number and weapon for the introductory price of $395.00.

Accessories available for the American 180 M-1 include:

Carrying CaseCanvas Carrying Case
Wood Presentation$350.002 magazine capacity$16.95
Hi Impact Plastic$68.00Cleaning Kit$10.00
Extra Magazine$65.00Sling$15.00
Extra Winder$50.00

Please send all orders and inquiries to:
American Arms International, Inc.
P.O. Box 27163
Salt Lake City, Utah 84127