Machine Gun News/February 1992

What's New

by Chris A Choat

In the Spring of 1991 E&L Manufacturing introduced its new 165 round transparent Lexan drum magazine for the American 180 submachine gun. The magazines were so well accepted that E&L has now engineered both a 220 and a 275 round drum for the .22 caliber buzz-saw. The drums feature several advantages over the original metal magazines. The new magazines are all transparent so you can see your remaining rounds. The drums are also very light. The 220 round drum weighs 37oz. loaded and the 275 rounder weighs 44oz. loaded. This compared to 57oz. for a loaded 177 round metal magazine. E&L also has developed a loading tray for American 180 magazines. The loading tray will load the original metal magazines as well as all three sizes of the new E&L Lexan magazines. You simply attach the tray to the drum, empty a 50 round box of .22 shells onto the tray and align the shells while rotating the drum. The cartridges feed directly into the drum and the time spent loading will be reduced to approximately 1 minute per layer. For information on these and other American 180 parts and accessories contact E&L Manufacturing, Inc., Dept. MGN, 39042 N. School House Road, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. Phone ---. MGN will feature these drums in an article on the American 180 in an upcomming issue.