Machine Gun News/April 1990

What's New

by Chris A Choat

Good news for American 180 owners! E&L Manufacturing, Inc. has bought the entire remaining inventory of the now defunct Illinois Arms Company. This includes all parts and accessories for the American 180 machineguns and semi-auto carbines. The inventory is made up of all internal parts, barrels, stocks, foregrips, sights, etc. In short, they have everything for the guns but the receivers. Accessories that they have in stock include drums, winders, lasers and the "special operation" briefcases. This briefcase holds the gun, ready to fire, with an integral laser. The gun can be fired from the case without opening it. E&L also has a very limited supply of mounts and electrical panels for the solenoid fired guns. For a complete list contact LaDrew Cooper at E&L Manufacturing, Inc.