Machine Gun News/August 1989


by Dan Shea

Q: I recently purchased an American 180 machine gun it worked fine until yesterday. I pulled the winder out, and it made a metallic snap, and jumped out of my hand. Now it won't work at all.


A: Your spring has sprung. When loading the drum on an American 180, it is neccessary to remove the winder. The lever on top must be placed in the lock or "S" position- if it is not, and you remove the winder, the spring will release.

Repair is a factory job!

Send to:
American Arms
3386 West 1987 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Phone (801) 972-5006
cost is approximately $25

Another possible solution is to buy a new one.

Feather Industries
2500 Central Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
Winders - retail $94
Metal Drums - retail $120
Plastic Drums - retail $51

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