Machine Gun News/October 1988

AM-180 SMG Re-Emerges as The 180

Remember the American 180 submachine gun? It's been internally redesigned, according to the manufacturer, with changes in the bolt, feed lock and head spacing combining to solve the AM-180's inconvienent tendecy to jam.

Called the 180 Weapon System, this new and improved SMG is available in two basic models: 180 SR with 14" barrel and butt stock; and a shorter 180 SB with 9" barrel, wire stock and vertical handgrip.

180 SB/SR
The 180 SB and SR both have the Laser Sight Option.

Interchangeable recievers allow .22 Long Rifle or .22 Short Magnum ammunition to be fired. Either one fits into the redesigned magazine, although you still have to laod 165 cartridges by hand. (The factory uses .22 Super LR, high velocity Winchester in testing.)

Don't let the thought of all that loading discourage you, one of the 180's accessories is the disposable magazine. It comes preloaded and can be reused on a limited basis if neccessary. Other accessories include an aluminum carrying case, tritium sites, and suppressor.

180 SC
Part of the 180 weapons system is the fitted carrying case constructed of hard durable aluminum, which can be customized to meet individual needs.

The manufacturer dosen't call the 180 Weapon System without reason. There are several configurations available. The two barrel 180 Twin, four barrel SAW Quad and SC briefcase models all utilize the same specs and accept most of the same accessories.

While the 180's magazine winding and hand loading are a nuisance, its lack of barrel climb and recoil make this .22 caliber SMG easy and enjoyable to shoot. A higher degree of accuracy and reduced noise levels make it a natural for competition shooting, in addition to the professional applications for which it was intended.

Disposable Magazine
Low Cost Plastic Magazines that are pre-loaded and can be thrown away or re-loaded a few times.

If the redesign has indeed eliminated the weapon's tendency to jam, this is a SMG we'll be hearing more about in the future.

For more information about the 180 weapon system contact Illinois Arms Co. 1401 Ardmore, Itasca, IL 60145 312 773-0303.