Small Arms Review/September 1998


by Dan Shea

Q3- Do you have any info on the American 180 subgun in .22? When I tell folks about it, they think I am making it all up. We used to have a Police Department until a tax revolt lowered our property taxes. Since then, we have had to contract with the county to have both police and fire protection. I was one of the police reserves that was in on the testing of the same weapon. Fired it and like it. Our Police Dept. bought it. It is now in the hands of --- County, and it is never fired.

Kenneth E.

A3- I made your letter anonymous on purpose, so that your county Sheriff doesn't get five hundred phone calls. The American 180 is certainly a very real machine gun, and it is very desireable. Captain Monty is a big fan of this little bullet hose (1800 rpm) and frequently writes on the subject.

The AM-180 uses a 177 round drum (larger ones are available) and fires from the open bolt. Originally it was Austrain, and the Austrain guns are Pre-1986 Dealer Samples, having been brought into the US from 1972 on. There was an American company that made these guns as well, and they are the transferable guns. Without getting into too much detail here, and spoiling a wonderful series of articles we have coming up in SAR, I would just like to assure your friends that the AM-180 did indeed exist, and many of them were made by about 5 incarnations of the different manufacturers. There was a semi-automatic version as well. Watch SAR for more in-depth on this. And no, I did NOT contact the Sheriff's department, it wouldn't be fair...