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Manufacturer of Quality Firearm Accessories and Brass Catchers since 1972


E&L Manufactures a number of quality Accessories for the HK family of firearms.

Brass Catchers - No more bending over to pick up your spent shells outdoors, at the range or in your basement.

Firearm Cleaning Brushes - Gun cleaning items made specially for the HK-91/G3, HK-93/G33, MP-5/ HK-94 and all clones.

Ventilated or Non-Ventilated Barrel Shrouds - to give that look of a customized firearm.

Barrel Shrouds - Dresses up your HK-94, SW-5 & BW-5 act.

Adjustable Stock Extensions - Extends the stocks length to accommodate your personal requirements. Fits all HK91/G3 and HK-93/G33 firearms with plastic stocks.

Cheek Rest - Designed specifically for H&K’s to give proper eye alignment.

Recoil Pad - Reduces felt recoil and more.

MUL-T-LOADER - designed specifically for HK pistols such as the P7-M13, P7-M8 and P7-K3. Due to the unique design of the MUL-T-LOADER's removable inserts, a wide variety of other magazines of various calibers can be loaded.

K-Grip and Adapter - German manufactured pistol grip foregrip, adapted to fit MP-5, HK-94 and all clones.

Made in the U.S.A. - Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Firearms pictured are not for sale and they are NOT included with the purchase of HK Accessories.

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To place an order: Write down the "Order Numbers", "Item Description" and "Price" of the items that you would like to purchase then click on "Policies" in the Menu at left for more information and to place your order.

Brass Catchers
HK-91, SR-9, HK-93

Order# 104 $43.95
will not fit the Flat Top Version

HK-94, MP-5, SP-89

Order# 105 $43.95


Order# 140 $43.95


Order# 141 $43.95

HK Brushes
Chamber Face Cleaning Brush

Order# 575 $26.95

Receiver Cleaning Brush

Order# 576 $16.95

HK 9mm & 10mm Combination Brush

Order# 577 $11.95

Knurled Gun Cleaning Rod

Order# 580 $8.95

Special- Chamber Face Brush, Receiver Brush & Knurled Rod

Order# 590 $47.95

Special - Chamber Face Brush, Receiver Brush, 9mm Combination Brush & Knurled Rod

Order# 591 $56.95

Ventilated Barrel Shrouds with Foregrip
HK 94

Order# 205 $66.95

HK Clone, SW-5, BW-5

Order# 205A $66.95

HK USC .45

Order# 207 $66.95

HK SL8-1 (No Foregrip)

Order# 209 $66.95

Non-Ventilated Barrel Shrouds with Foregrip

Order# 304 $59.95

HK Clone, SW-5, BW-5

Order# 304A $59.95

HK USC .45

Order# 305 $59.95


Order# 307 $59.95

Barrel Shroud
Stock Extension
SD Barrel Shroud

Order# 310 $46.95

HK-91, HK-93

Order# 500 $44.95

Cheek Rest
Recoil Pad
HK-91, HK-93

Order# 525 $19.95

HK-91, 93 & 94 Fixed Stock - Recoil Pad

Order# 550 $16.95


Order# 451 $19.95


Order# 452 $5.95

K-Grip With Adapter*

Order# 410 $89.95

K-Grip Adapter Only*

Order# 411 $19.95

* Shown with Barrel Shroud which is sold seperately!

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